Get Involved

At Decatur Highway, there is a place for you. Get plugged in today!

College Age

We have an active college age group at Decatur Highway.  The city of Gardendale is close to several community colleges and the UAB campus.  Our college students meet regularly to have fun and study the Bible.  We also offer a combined college age & young adults Bible Class on Sunday mornings. 

Young Adults

Our Young Adult group meets often to fellowship and encourage each other.  They also look for ways to serve both the congregation and the community through different types of projects. This is a great group to join for those who have recently graduated college and are in their early adult years.  

Middle Adults 

Our middle adult group is comprised of individuals that are around 35 to 64 years old.  This group meets regularly to study, fellowship and encourage each other.  

Senior Saints

Our Senior Saints group is made up of 65 years old and older. Our Senior Saints enjoy getting together for fellowship, playing games and devotionals.  

Ladies Bible Class

Our Ladies' Bible Class group meets on Wednesday mornings from September to May.  This group is very active in studying the Bible, fellowship, group projects, visiting those in need and much more.  All ladies of all ages are invited to become a part of this wonderful group.