Global & Local

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Here at Decatur Highway, we value mission work.  We believe that we need to do everything that we can to reach out to the lost.  In order to reach the lost, we support many works, both globally and locally.  Please contact us if you have any questions on how to support these works or to recieve more information. 

Foreign Missions

Honduras Missions:   Por Los Ninos/Family Life Missions

A longstanding work based in Catacamas Honduras. Por Los Niños Children’s Home is in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.  In Honduras, around 50 percent of households live in poverty, and 30 percent in extreme poverty. Most of the poor live in rural areas where over 80% live without clean water or sanitary facilities. Visit: www.porlosninos.org

Dubai Missions:  Dubai Church of Christ

The church was established with 10 members in June of 2000.  It is a very diverse congregation with people of all ages and from different races, cultures and religious experiences.  The church now has over 500 members with six elders and 8 deacons.

Healing Hands International:  Walk 4 Water

The Clean Water program provides water wells and filters for those who would otherwise be drinking dirty, unhealthy water. A clean water well in the community allows people to pursue education, agriculture, and work opportunities rather than spending hours searching for a water source.  This effort provides wells in places all over the globe.  Visit: www.hhi.org

Dubai Missions:  Dubai School of Preaching

The school was established in 2001 in order to train young men as preachers of the gospel, so they could return to their countries to make disciples and plant churches.  Since its founding, DSP has graduated over 155 students and is currently training 50 students.

India Missions:  Putrela Church of Christ

The church held their first Sunday worship service in January 2010.  With help, they were able to build a large building and now have 250 members.  They currently are engaged in the following ministries – Ministry to Widows, Funeral Ministry, Sunday School Children’s Ministry, Poor Pregnant Women’s Ministry, India Evangelism Seminar & Bible Distributions, Mission work in tribal & tiger zone areas,  Putrela Children’s Home & School and Putrela & Telangana States Schools of Preaching & Missions & Preacher’s support.

India Missions:  Putrela Children’s Home & School 

Began in 2007 as Kovvada Children’s Ministry.  In 2000, land was purchased and the Putrela Children’s Home was established.  The home was built to house 200 children and currently has 80 children in residence.  PCH was established to help orphans, abused and less fortunate children in Putrela and the surrounding areas in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Nigeria:  School of Biblical Studies, Jos

The school was established on August 20, 1989, for the purpose of educating men and women in the work of God. The School seeks to maintain itself as an Institution that trains men and women to teach and preach the Gospel; be responsible citizens in Nigeria, and effective leaders in the Church of the Lord, in order to aid the spread of the Gospel to all the world.  Visit: www.sbsjos.com

Nigeria Missions:  Steve Worley

Brother Worley is an evangelist & missionary in Africa. He was instrumental in the founding of the School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria and continues to work actively with the school.  When in the states, Brother Steve worships and works with the Savannah Church of Christ in Savannah, Tennessee.   Contact:  sworley98@yahoo.com

Nigeria Missions:  James Ikwulono 

Brother Ikwulono is from Benue state, Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from Benue State University, Makurdi; Master of Arts (New Testament) and Master of Divinity from Freed-Hardeman University Henderson, Tennessee.  Ikwulono started teaching with the School of Biblical Studies Jos in January 2008, and has been serving as the examination officer.  He is married to Mimi Ikwulono and they have two daughters, Debbie and Charis.  Ikwulono is currently pursuing his Ph.D in New Testament with the University of Jos.

Philippines Missions:  Asian Christian University

The University is located in Urbiztondo, Philippines.  It was established in 2006 and overseen by the Adairsville Church of Christ.  The goal of ACU is to prepare young men to serve God by enhancing their biblical knowledge and teach them to serve.   As Jesus sent out His Apostles to spread the Good News, so too does ACU with the help of many, many good Christians.  Formerly the Philippine Theological Institute.  The name changed, because of the regional focus of the school beyond the Philippines and growth into a university. Their hope is to prepare to serve beyond the borders of the Philippines, and reach out to others, especially the souls in China, when their doors open to evangelism. Visit:  asianchristianuniversity.com

Scotland Missions:  Cumbernauld Church of Christ 

Brother Graham McDonald is the Minister of the Cumbernauld Church of Christ.  He is a graduate of Florida School of Preaching.  He has preached throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Malawi & America.  Cumbernauld, Scotland has a population of over 60,000. Visit: cumberlandchurchofchrist.uk

Zimbabwe Missions:  Local Missionaries

We support a local missionary in Zimbabwe, Freeman Msowoya.    He goes into the local schools, prisons and from door-to-door giving out Bible correspondence courses and spreading the Gospel.  

Open Door Ministry 

Brother Demar Elam has been the Director of the Open Door Ministry since 1990 and is also the Director of Mission Studies at Amridge University.  He has preached the gospel in 41 countries of the world and continues to plant new congregations throughout New Zealand.  The focus of the Open Door Ministry is to take the Gospel of Christ into areas of the world where Christ has not been preached.   Areas of focus: Australia, Guyana, Iceland, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia & Ukraine. Visit:  http://theopendoorministry.com/

World Bible School 

WBS is one of the Christian brotherhood’s most proven, cost-effective means of spreading the Gospel to a lost world! God uses WBS by linking a worldwide network of Christians, missionaries and churches to teach and reach truth-seekers, bringing them into God’s family. Everyday Christians of all ages, equipped with WBS’ Bible lessons, help teach those who want to study.  They teach with printed lessons using postal mail like spiritual pen-pals.  They teach with email and Web-based lessons as online friends.  They provide the lessons to the students, encourage them, guide them to respond to the Gospel, and help put them in touch with loving Christians near them.  Visit: worldbibleschool.org

Alabama Missions:  Eutaw Church of Christ

We support the Eutaw Church of Christ in partnership with the Cottondale Church of Christ.  The Eutaw Church of Christ was established in April 2001, with the help of several sister congregations in the area.  The city of Eutaw is located in the Black Belt Region of Greene County in west central Alabama.  It is the county seat of Greene County.  The population is just under 3,000.

Great Cities Missions: Barton Kizer

Their mission extends further and deeper than planting churches, training leaders and teaching. They have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing the people of the Latin World what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. As they help meet the basic needs of clothing, food and shelter for these people, they continually see lives transformed as the people connect with Christ and experience His love and grace.
And, they have the opportunity to see these Christians grow in faith and knowledge as they train them to be church leaders, teachers and missionaries who will carry the mission forward and continue to spread the Gospel across their communities, cities and nations.  Visit: greatcities.org

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

Luke 19:10

Local Missions

Agape of Central & North Alabama 

The agency’s mission statement reads:  As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Agape is devoted to providing, preserving and protecting families so every child will have a safe and nurturing environment in which to grow. This mission has led Christians through Agape to serve more than 2000 children through foster care, and more than 250 children through the permanency of a Christian adoptive family.  Hundreds of pregnant women in crisis have been counseled by Agape staff to choose life for their unborn child, and to make the best choice for their future and the baby’s future.  With counseling having been added during the late 1980’s, thousands of lives have been touched in His name through this service.   Visit: www.agapeforchildren.org


The Childhaven ministry is made up of the following programs for children in need: Residential Care, Foster Care, Transitional Living Program (Vocational/Technical Training), Independent Living, College Program, The Genesis Project & Family Care / Continuum of Care.. Childhaven is committed to sharing God’s love with children andfamilies by providing opportunities for growth in life and in Christ.  Visit: www.childhaven.com

Healing Hands International

We support Healing Hands International located in Nashville, TN.  We are involved in their Walk 4 Water, Magi Boxes and Dorcas Sewing ministries.  Visit: hhi.org

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort 

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort Inc. immediately responds to any major natural disaster in the continental United States by sending truckloads of emergency food, water, cleaning and other supplies. The aid is distributed though local Church of Christ congregations to disaster victims in need.  Throughout this organization’s history, we have shipped approximately $135 million worth of food, cleaning supplies, clothing, beds, furniture, and appliances to disaster victims in need due to severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, and the attack of the twin towers on 9/11.  In 2005, a record $16.3 million worth of goods were sent to victims of natural disasters, the year Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast. In 2012, more than $6.5 million worth of supplies were shipped.   Visit: www.disasterreliefeffort.org

Rainbow Omega 

Rainbow Omega is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in Eastaboga, Alabama that provides residential and vocational programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The vision of the founders was to provide a sheltered community for adults with developmental disabilities and to provide parents an answer to the question "What will happen to my child when I can no longer provide care in my home?"   Visit: www.rainbowomega.org

"And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful."

Titus 3:14